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PTV-Series – Balling of pre-shredded materials

Functionality of the PTV balling mill
Balling mill with special crushing method

The material is fed into the machine by a feeder chute or flat belt centered above the rotor. First, the larger material that does not fit through the preset gap between the hammer and anvil is broken up or crushed. The composite material is then separated by further impact and friction via the balling bars, and the product is discharged via an installed grate basket in the desired material size/ball size. If the desired size or disintegration is still not sufficient, this process is repeated from the beginning and the material is further disintegrated. Subsequently, depending on the product, the light materials such as fluff or dusts, for example, are extracted or separated from each other by specific gravity using air separation tables. In this way, a very clean heavy fraction is obtained, which can then also be easily separated from aluminum and other products.


Product examples for the PTV balling mill:

  • Automotive Shredder Residues (ASR-Automobile Shredder Residues)

  • Cable Recycling

  • Non-ferrous mixed scrap processing

  • Electrical scrap (WEEE – Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment)

  • Various other products with a metal content that can be ballasted

Electronic Scrap (e-scrap), ASR, IBA and other products
Recovery of a clean metal fraction from all kind of products


Our hammer mills
Robust construction


Prall-Tec balling mills
Technical data

PTV 100/100
PTV 140/100
10.200 kg
16.000 kg
Feeding size
Bis 100 mm
Bis 100 mm
Inlet size
280 x 1000 mm
350 x 1000 mm
Driving power
132 - 200 kW
160 -250 kW
6 - 10 t/h
9 - 14 t/h

Applications of the balling mill
Your material - Our balling mill


Our beading mills can be used for the processing of electronic waste.

Image by Andrii Leonov

Special solutions

We carry out extensive tests with your feed material for your application, to find an individual solution for you.

Image by Evan Demicoli

Slags / IBA

Our balling mills can be used for the preparation of slags.

Image by michael schaffler

Our beading mills can be used for the preparation of metal.

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