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PTSM-Series - Our competence in the field of screening technology

Powerful, robust, individual -
Made in Germany

Individual screening machines according to your requirements

Whether pre-screening, a heavy duty screening machine or the 6 m long 3-deck screen for sand and grit. As a single machine or complete screening station with integrated conveyor belts.

We turn your wishes and ideas around grain separation into reality and build on the individual adaptation according to customer requirements. In some cases, this results in new screening machines that are specially adapted to existing plants or differ from the series only by modified bearing points. From joint planning to production and final assembly, we rely on close cooperation and implementation of these projects.


A question of possibilities
The right screening machine for your applications

Screening machines find many applications and as versatile as the applications are the products and materials to be separated. In the natural stone quarry the screening of sand-lime bricks, the pre-screening of a large impact mill or the screening in recycling and scrap. Each of these and many other applications requires the use of special screens and special screen linings. We support you in the design of the screening machines and advise you appropriately and individually for your product and material.

Feeding size:
Up to 1400 mm
Up to 8000 mm
Up to 2500 mm
Up to 1200 t/h
PTSM 12/40-1
PTSM 26/70-2
PTSM 20/60-3
Feeding rate per hour: 150 t
Feeding rate per hour: 450 t
Feeding rate per hour: 350 t
Feeding size: bis 250 mm
Feeding size: bis 250 mm
Feeding size: bis 250 mm
Screen width: 1.250 mm
Screen width: 2600 mm
Screen width: 2000 mm
Screen length: 4.000 mm
Screen length: 7.000 mm
Screen length: 6.000 mm
Screening decks: 1
Screening decks: 2
Screening decks: 3
Performance: 5,5 kW
Power: 30 kW
Power: 22 kW
Weight: 2.500 kg
Weight: 9.500 kg
Weight: 7.300 kg
PTSM 15/45-2
PTSM 27/65-2
PTSM 12/40-1
Feeding rate per hour: 450 t
Feeding rate per hour: 1200 t
Feeding rate per hour: max. 1500 t
Feed size: bis 800 mm
Feed size: bis 250 mm
Feed size: bis 250 mm
Screen width: 1.500 mm
Screen width: 2700 mm
Screen width: max. 3.000 mm
Screen length: 4.500 mm
Screen length: 6.500 mm
Screen length: max 8.000 mm
Screening decks: 2
Screening decks: 2
Screening decks: max. 3
Performance: 30 kW
Power: 2x45 kW
Power: je nach Typ
Weight:: 5.100 kg
Weight: 18.000 kg
Weight: je nach Typ

Customized according to customer's idea
Individual implementation

Many different products and wishes require many different screening machines and so we have made it our goal to turn exactly these wishes into reality. Thus, drive concepts, screening machine, dimensions, pick-up points and various other wishes can be individually adapted by us. If you already have an existing screening machine and it is no longer productive enough or breaks down frequently, then we are the right contact for the uncomplicated replacement of this unit. Often existing still functional components such as motors and sieve supports can be taken over and thus make the exchange more cost-effective and increase the productivity of your plant.

Screening machines, screening stations and repairs
Everything from one source

Screening machines / Screening boxes

From the small 3 m long 1-deck screening machine to the 3-deck screening machine for sand and grit to the reinforced pre-screening machine, we can also design your suitable screening machine and manufacture it in-house. We can look back on more than 20 years of experience and rely exclusively on the highest quality products and materials in order to deliver a long-term, productive screening machine according to specification.

Stationary screening stations

In addition to the individual screening machines, we also offer complete screening plants with the necessary steel construction, chutes and conveyor belts. Each screening plant is as different as the various applications. Thus, we realize plants from one source for the most different products like natural stone, building rubble, glass, slag or also scrap. Here, too, the focus is on the customer-oriented solution for the desired application, because your perfect end product is our goal.

Repairs and spare part service
Individual implementationOn site service

With a large team of mechanics, we are also able to get your screening machine up and running again quickly, should it stop working for various reasons. From bearing replacement to new shafts to the replacement of the side wall, we can perform most of the work directly at the customer’s site and thus quickly get your screen up and running again. We also offer spare parts and wear parts for screening machines across all manufacturers in order to be able to operate screening machines cost-effectively and profitably.

Benefits at a glance
Convincing arguments

Individual screening machines according to your wishes

Many years of experience and modern manufacturing processes enable qualitative products

Adaptation of new screening machines to existing existing plants

Construction and manufacturing
in Lengerich

Repairs and manufacturer-independent spare parts service

Application oriented and economical solutions for a wide range of applications

References of our screening machines
A small insight into our projects

If you have any questions, please contact us:

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