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For optimal material feeding and preparation

Individual vibrating feeders
The right solution for your application

We manufacture customized vibrating feeders in all sizes and for various materials and goods in-house. From the dimensional survey to the design and production, vibrating feeders are built e.g. for the discharge of material below the crushers and shredders or also in reinforced design feeders for bunker plants and feeding stations.

We can and want to respond to special wishes and ideas on the part of the customer at any time in order to then design and supply an individually suitable solution.

Shredding Technology - recycling
Shredding Technology - recycling

Your application - Our vibrating feeders
Vibrating feeders suitable for their application

As different as each material and application is, as different are the required machine components. Whether vibratory feeder with slotted grating, screen plates, Hardox bottom plates or plastic coverings for better sliding properties.

We build each vibratory feeder to suit its application and take into account the requirements on site, because not all vibratory feeders are the same.

Technical specifications:

Up to 1500 t
Up to 2500 mm
Up to 9000 mm

References of our vibrating feeders
A small insight into our projects

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