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PT Series - Built for the toughest applications and tasks

Our experience - your success

Due to continuous further development of the housing geometries, the impact devices and the rotor technology, we are proud to be able to offer one of the most sophisticated impact mills on the market. For tough recycling applications, we rely on high deflection paths of the standard impact crushers and on a rotor design with reinforced retaining beams for the beater bars. The design and construction of the impact crushers has been optimized again and again over many years and continuously improved with new materials. In this way, several hundred impact crushers have already been produced and this is reflected in today’s work and quality.


Up to 750 t/h


Up to 69 t

Feed size:

Up to 1400 mm

Benefits at a glance
Convincing arguments

High crushing capacity and lower
operating costs

Maintenance-friendly design for quick access to the maintenance units

Powerful rotors and robust
baffle plates

Optimal customization and adaptation
for your material

The latest impact crusher generation
The most versatile impact crusher for all applications

Due to the development of new impact bars and geometries in the machines, impact crushers are finding more and more new fields of application. In Europe, it is impossible to imagine recycling without the impact crusher and it is the most frequently used machine for separating mineral products and metals. These can be, for example, ferrous concrete components, steel slags from blast furnaces or IBA for the recovery of non-ferrous metals (NF metals). Not only the separation plays a decisive role, but also the subsequent properties of the end products in terms of pressure load, particle shape and purity. All impact crushers are customized with a wide range of built-in parts and thus designed for customer-specific applications. Many machines look similar, but the essence is in the details and in the experience gained from 4 decades of crusher construction.


One impact crusher - many possibilities
PT 110-100 - A new and compact generation of impact crushers

With the new PT 110/100, we would like to introduce the advantages and innovations of the current PT series. With the new models we can use a fully hydraulic impact plate adjustment or a conventional spindle technology and also remove each impact body individually with a screw-on housing cover to change the impact plates safely and quickly. Another innovation is the integrated inlet into the crusher, which saves a lot of space in mobile machines or skid frame units. The innovative housing design also allows us to build a more space-saving impact crusher with the same rotor size. Even with the smaller outer dimensions, there are no restrictions on the passage opening for foreign material or the throughput per hour. In addition, all PT impact crushers can be expanded with optional grinding bars. This quickly turns a primary crusher into a secondary crusher for the production of grit or the optimal separation of IBA.

Throughput per hour:

Up to 200 t

Inlet size:

770 mm x 1020 mm


8700 kg

Power direct drive:

200 kW

Feed size:

Up to 700 mm

Final grain:

0-10 mm (Grinding path)

Construction waste recycling with the PT 130-130 impact crusher
We make your ideas come true

From the idea, through planning and design, to construction and assembly, we offer plant engineering from a single source. The machine parts are manufactured in our own production facility in Lengerich and thus form a high-performance unit together with the impact mill according to your specifications and wishes. The knowledge and experience is reflected in each plant and thus individual components are perfectly matched to each other and ensure a good interaction of all installed machines. Whether a small secondary crusher with steel structure, a crusher station with feed unit and pre-screen or a complete plant with impact crushers, vibrating feeders, screening machines and conveyor belts – we realize your ideas and contribute our knowledge for a perfect solution.


Rotor technology
The heart of every impact crusher

Every rotor goes through a special manufacturing process at Prall-Tec, which is designed for the toughest applications and has been continuously developed for decades. The heart of any impact crusher is the rotor, so this is where the most effort should be made to make our customers’ subsequent work as easy as possible. All rotor parts are made of hardened steel or forged parts. This ensures that no cracks can form in the rotor body, which is prevented not least by our welding and temperature process. The bearing housings and labyrinths are also manufactured in-house to withstand the impact of foreign objects inside the crusher and also ensure a long service life for the spherical roller bearings. This rotor, combined with state-of-the-art impact bars and ceramic inserts, ensures maximum run times and consistent high production.

The PT impact mill and spindle technology
Various options for setting the end product sizes

The impactors form the counterpart to the rotor and are thus an important component in an impact mill. The impactors have a large share in a well-defined end product, whereby, on the one hand, compliance with certain particle sizes must be observed, but at the same time the greatest possible safety is required in the event of foreign bodies in the crusher.


The choice of impactor setting can be made depending on the material and the frequency of gap adjustment. We can use both a conventional spindle system with compression springs or fully hydraulic impactors with maximum and fast opening of the impactors. It is very important how often the adjustment of the machine should be changed and how this adjustment is done. There is also the possibility of automatic adjustment via a position measuring system for the cylinders, so that the gap setting of the impact crusher is constantly self-regulating.

Grinding gap adjustment with spacer plates and hydraulic support

Grinding gap adjustment with spacer plates and hydraulic support


Pinch gap adjustment with spacer plates and hydraulic support

Full hydraulic gap adjustment

Full hydraulic gap adjustment


Grinding gap adjustment with spacer plates and hydraulic support

Areas of application of the impact crushers
Your material - Our impact crushers

Rock Rubble

Construction waste

Our impact crushers can be used for the processing of construction waste.

Image by elaine alex

Natural stone

Our impact crushers can be used for the processing of natural stone.



Our impact crushers can be used for the preparation of concrete.

Image by Andrii Leonov

Special solutions

We carry out extensive tests with your feed material for your application in order to find an individual solution for you.

Cracked Asphalt


Our impact crushers can be used for the preparation of asphalt.

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