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Our Services

At the IMRO Test Centre, our state-of-the-art technical equipment meets all the requirements for reliably simulating plant processes. These are then directly linked to our 3-D planning and development department. Each individual processing chain can be simulated and optimised on the spot. Your benefit: fast results.


In addition of having full support of the entire technical department of IMRO in Germany, has provided solutions to different industries throughout the years including: metal recycling, incineration ash processing, municipal waste, electronic recycling, steel mills, and others.


With full engineering capacity, can provide custom solutions for your specific needs. 3D engineering design will significantly improve the visualization of your new plant or upgrades to your existing plant. Using these 3D models helps you reduce rework and saves you a significant amount of time and money.


With a fully equipped test center in the headquarters in Germany, we are able to fully test your materials to develop the best solution to your needs.



Technicians properly trained in troubleshooting, preventing and corrective maintenance provide full advantage to your specific field needs. In addition, with such experience in the different industries, can assist on field installations of new plants or upgrades to existing plants.


With a brand new warehouse in San Antonio TX, is providing expedite shipping of all critical parts and components for your IMRO equipment.

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